Accounting Degree Levels
Master's degree in accounting

Master’s Degree in Accounting

Offered by a variety of colleges and universities, an accounting master’s degree is a graduate degree awarded in the accounting field. Typically, accounting master’s degrees are 30 to 36 semester hours total and are designed to provide students with the necessary credits and training to sit for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) examination. An accounting […]

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Bachelor's degree in accounting

Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting

An accounting bachelor’s degree is the principal academic degree awarded in the accounting field. Many four-year colleges and universities offer bachelor’s degree programs in accounting, both online and on campus. These programs typically require students to complete a minimum of 120 semester credits, providing them with broad training in business and intensive preparation in accounting. […]

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Associate's degree in accounting

Associate’s Degree in Accounting

Associate’s degree programs in accounting are designed to develop students’ competencies in areas like financial statement analysis, payroll accounting, cost accounting, finance, and business law. An accounting associate’s degree takes approximately two years to complete and equips you with the foundation in basic accounting necessary to pursue a variety of entry-level accounting positions, including bookkeeper, […]

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Accounting certificate programs

Accounting Certificate

Gain access to exciting new career opportunities by pursuing an accounting certificate. Accounting certificate programs are non-degree programs that provide students with specialized knowledge in accounting. Certificate programs at both the undergraduate and graduate level are designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of accounting principles, regulatory requirements, and reporting practices. Pursuing a certificate […]

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