Accounting Careers
Accounting technology

How Technology Has Impacted Accounting

From the early days of clay tokens to the invention of the abacus, accounting is as old as civilization. It wasn’t until the commercial revolution at the end of the dark ages that double-entry bookkeeping came into existence. (It began in the Venice/Florence area in Italy.) A hundred years later, Luca Pacioli, a Franciscan monk, […]

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Learning about accounting

Learning about Accounting: The Language of Business

The image of an accountant used to be a hunched and bespectacled older man sitting in the dark with stacks and stacks of paper. That image could not be more outdated! Now, an accountant is a savvy business professional who contributes substantially to a company’s bottom line. Becoming an accountant is a smart choice, but […]

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Top five accounting careers

Top Five Accounting Careers

Accountants are in higher demand than ever, thanks to a strong economy and changes in tax and business law (those changes are due to a spat of recent corporate scandals), so there are lots of great accounting jobs available today. Good news–according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the growth and demand for accountants will […]

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Forensic accounting

Forensic Accounting: The Science Behind CSI

What do you get when you combine investigation with accounting and auditing? You get the exciting field of Forensic Accounting. The word forensic means “suitable for use in a court of law,” and that is the high standard that Forensic Accountants are held to. Forensic Accounting provides an accounting analysis that is suitable to a […]

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Advancements in accounting

12 Advancements That Have Revolutionized The Art of Accounting

Civilization has come a long way since the days of counting fingers. The art of “keeping track” of things with value, today known as “accounting”, has evolved with the advancement of technology throughout the ages. As technological innovations have emerged, the methods and functions of accounting have changed as well. From the historical origin of […]

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